Family formation

You want to apply for a residence permit in connection with family formation. There are two situations in which this is possible. We describe these situations below, including the conditions that you must comply to apply for a residence permit.


Family formation by entering into marriage

  1. You or your partner are in possession of a valid work and residence permit
  2. You and your partner both have a valid permit, but one of you has no work and residence permit.
  3. You and your partner are living together in a common household situation

Family formation by birth or adoption

  1. You are underage and
  2. You are unmarried and
  3. You have a foreign nationality (you are not Dutch) and
  4. Your parent has a valid work and/or residence permit
  5. Are your parents not married? Then the parent you want to live with in Aruba should have legal custody.
  6. You are already living with one of your parents

Do you meet the above conditions? Check out what matters to you before applying for your residence permit. Please be advised that this type of permit does not allow you to work in Aruba.

What do I need?

  1. Excerpt enrollment marriage DBSB registry
  2. Birth certificate (if younger than 18 years)
  3. Original legal documentation (if older than 18 years)
  4. A copy of official deed adoption, award custody or authority, or deed confidentiality or recognition by the court.
  5. Notarial act and original permission for inspection