Household personnel

You want to apply for a work – and residence permit to work as (resident) domestic staff in Aruba. We explain here the terms and conditions for your and your employer to qualify for this temporary residence permit.

Your employer must:

  1. Guarantee your accommodation, during your stay in Aruba;
  2. Show a copy of the employment agreement with you. The agreement must comply with the minimum standards as stipulated by Aruban legislation;
  3. Gross annual income of minimum Afl. 50,000. (alone, or together with a long-term partner / spouse);
  4. Provide proper living quarters that complies with the established living standards. These will be inspected by the DIMAS.

Do you meet the above conditions? In the overview below, see what matters you need to arrange before you can apply for a residence permit.

If you work for a person who requires long term medical care, special rules may apply. Please consult DIMAS for more information.

What do I need?

  1. Legal documentation (only for first applications)
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Labor contract
  4. Statement of income

What should your employer provide?

  1. Salary strips (if paid)
  2. Income statement (if Director/Owner)
  3. Statement of pension income and annual pension (if retired)
  4. Consent control service

If you would like to apply for residence permit as a resident:

  1. Employer’s declaration
  2. SVB Declaration Registration Employer