Do you have a complaint about the DIMAS? Here we explain how to file your complaint and what the DIMAS does with your complaint.

How can I file a complaint?
You can submit your complaint in writing: by e-mail or by post. Please describe your complaint and include your name, address, city, telephone number, and date of birth, nationality and CRV number (if applicable).

Via email
You can send your complaint to

Via mail
You can send your complaint by mail to:

DIMAS complaint handling
Paardenbaaistraat 11
Oranjestad, Aruba

What does DIMAS do with my complaint?

First, an employee looks at whether your complaint can be dealt with by DIMAS. If your complaint does not belong to the DIMAS – but for example at the police or the Public Prosecutor’s Office – the DIMAS will send your complaint. You will then receive a letter from DIMAS. This indicates which organization your complaint has been forwarded to.

If the complaint has been lodged with DIMAS, you will receive a confirmation of receipt within 5 working days.

Subsequently, the DIMAS looks at your complaint in full and whether you are authorized to file the complaint. If this is the case, you will receive a response to your complaint within 6 weeks.

Complaint on behalf of another
Someone else can also file the complaint about you. To do this, this person must be authorized. No authorization is required to file a complaint on behalf of your partner or child. If you are already authorized to act on behalf of this person – for example, as a lawyer – then no authorization is required to file a complaint with the DIMAS.