1. DIMAS sent me a letter of missing or required documents, what should I do?

DIMAS only handles complete permit application request files. In some case, more additional documents are needed to verify your situation and in other cases, we may have made an omission at your application intake appointment . If you receive a missing or additional documents letter from DIMAS, please bring the required documents and a copy of these documents within 2 weeks to our office. You can file these at our reception desk, no appointment needed. Also be aware to bring your passport or I.D. card.


2. Is it possible to cancel or change my application appointment?

No. It is not possible to change or cancel your appointment. We are able to schedule appointments within one or two days. For a helpdesk appointment, a general waiting period of 1 – 2 weeks is normal.

3. What is the status of my application request?

DIMAS handles your request within a legal period of 12 weeks.If there are any complications in handling your request, we will send you a letter for an additional decision time of 12 weeks. Within this period DIMAS does not provide processing information to clients. We will do our best to handle application requests as quickly as possible.

Category: Business

1. My employee wants to apply for a work permit, am I required at the appointment?

Yes. The employer/guarantor must always be present at an appointment for your employee. You will be required to sign the application documents at the DIMAS reception or intake desk. Please bring proper identification ( Passport or I.D. Card). If you can not be present, you can mandate an authorized representative (HR-manager or registered lawyer).


1. How can I file an appeal to my decision at DIMAS?

Your appeal letter must contain:

  • Name and adress of the appealant and if it is submitted through a authorized representative, also the name and adress of this representative.
  • The CRV number of the decision and the orginal decision letter;
  • The grounds and reasoning of your formal appeal;
  • The sign of date of the DIMAS decision and sign of date of submitting your appeal;
  • Your signature or that of an authorized representative (Lawyer). Authorisation can be given through a letter of representation.

You must file your appeal with DIMAS within 6 weeks after the sign of date of the DIMAS decision letter at our reception desk.

2. How can I file an appeal at the appeal commission or at a court of law?

DIMAS sends your appeal to the appeal commision (LAR). If the LAR decides to hold a hearing you will be invited. Within 4-8 weeks after the LAR hearing, the appeal commission sends an advisory letter to DIMAS.

Within 6 weeks after the receipt of the LAR advisory letter, DIMAS is required to re-evaluate the decision. If you want to appeal this new decision, you can appeal at the Court of law. You can make your appeal with 6 weeks of the signature date of the new DIMAS decision by sending a formal court appeal to the Gerecht van Eerste Aanleg(GEA) te Wayaca ( J.G. Emanstraat 51) and paying the obliged costs. The court will then make a decision.

If you wish to appeal a court decision, then within 6 weeks you can file an appeal at the Higher Court at the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van Aruba, Curaçao en St. Maarten. You can file this higher appeal at the GEA (J.G. Emanstraat 51)

3. When will DIMAS answer my appeal petition?

The maximum period for DIMAS to handle your appeal decision is 24 weeks. It is required that you submit your appeal letter within 6 weeks of the signature date of the DIMAS decision letter.  DIMAS can not handle appeal letters that are outside of the 6 week appeal period.

An appeal letter does not suspend the terms or requirements for a regular yearly permit. If you are unsure of an answer of DIMAS you can always file a new permit application request.

4. How can I file a complaint?

You can file your complaint through a letter or an email.

Your complaint letter or email must contain:

Type of complaint, name, adres, phone number, CRV number(if possible), date of birth and nationality.

By email
You can send your complaint to :klachten@dimasaruba.aw.

Through post
You can send your complaint letter to:

DIMAS complaint handling
Paardenbaaistraat 11
Oranjestad, Aruba