To schedule an appointment, please follow the procedure on this page;

  1. Select one of the three buttons at the bottom of this page
  2. Select the required month and day
  3. Make sure you have filled in the required forms check here
  4. Click to send and wait for a confirmation on screen and in your email. Please print out the confirmation and bring it to your appointment at DIMAS.


  1. If you do not receive an appointment confirmation, we can not service you at DIMAS. If problems persist please schedule a new appointment for a different time slot.
  2. You can not change of annull your appointment once it is made before the due date. Make sure it is one appointment per client per time slot.


When you register for an appointment, please fill in your Passport number correctly. The automated client system at DIMAS checks your appointment number with your passport.  They have to correspond, otherwise DIMAS can not process your service request.

Long stay (temporary/permanent)

Appointment Reception

Appointment Helpdesk

Protection (AAT)