Admission by law – Declarations 3 a-g

In some cases, no permission is required to live or work in Aruba. These persons are granted permission to Aruba by law, under terms of the LTUV (National Ordinance on Admission Expulsion and Deportation). Please check the terms below to see if this applies to you.

Admission by law

The following persons are granted permission by law:

  1. Persons in employment or internship of one of the countries of the Kingdom or of a country-specific decision, general measures, designated other country or international organization. This includes Dutch soldiers who are stationed in Aruba, as they are also employed by the Netherlands;
  2. Persons employed by Aruba or employed by the Netherlands Antilles or the island of Aruba before 1 January 1986 and, for that reason, enjoy retirement or benefits in kind. This also applies to unmarried widows of them;
  3. Aruba Occupational Consul, Occupational Consular Officers, and Other Consular Staff Employees;
  4. Soldiers, during the time they are stationed in Aruba. This applies to foreign soldiers stationed in Aruba, for example in connection with the preparation of exercises in the waters of Aruba and on land;
  5. Residents of ships or aircraft belonging to the sea or air force of any power during the time that Aruba is subject to the consent of the competent authority;
  6. Dutch Nationals who have been admitted to Aruba for a period of five years or longer, either legally or on the basis of a permit ( and based on case-law also to persons of U.S. nationality on the same terms)
  7. Foreigners who comply with new conditions as specified in article 3, section G of the concept-change of the LTUV law. If you are a spouse or husband or child(of foreign nationality) in a marriage to a Dutch national or a Dutch-naturalised person on Aruba, these conditions may apply.

Annullment of a declaration admission by law

However, there are also a number of reasons for your permission to expire:

  1. If you have received the status for a defined period and for a particular reason, and this period is over and/or the reason for admission is no longer valid.
  2. When the status is not linked to period, and you are not a resident (registered in the population register) anymore.
  3. At a break of 3 years stay on Aruba.

Do you comply with the terms of admission as per the above? Then you can apply!