Citizens of the Dutch Kingdom

On this page, we will explain what conditions you must meet to stay in Aruba as a citizen of the Dutch Kingdom.

Citizens of the Dutch Kingdom (Dutch nationality) who were not born in Aruba are required to apply for a permit.

If you meet any of the following conditions and you are of Dutch nationality, you may qualify for a declaration that you are exempted of the permit requirement by law.


  1. You are born in Aruba or naturalized in Aruba;
  2. You were born on Curacao, Bonaire, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius or Saba, and are a resident of Aruba with an uninterrupted stay as from 1 January 1986;
  3. You are of Dutch nationality and have been born outside of Aruba, but either or both parents fall within the scope of Article 1, part a or b of the LTUV;
  4. You have legally stayed on Aruba for a minimum of 5 years without interruption( You will be granted admission after 5 years by law).