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You can request information on our e-helpdesk Information about our legislation and processes or advice on what to do in a specific situation. We are happy to help you with information about which product best suits your situation, such as which permit or statement you should apply for, what to do in case of a change, payment methods, etc.

As a customer, you can monitor the status of requests using the tracking tool on our home page by entering your CRV number.


If you have a complaint or comment about our products or services, you can submit this via our e-helpdesk Complaints. DIMAS strives for an efficient and customer-oriented service. We advise you to submit a complaint if:

  • your application has been in process for more than 6 weeks
  • you have not received a payment order
  • we have made mistakes in your application / on your permit
  • the quality of our services


You can contact the e-helpdesk Corrections if DIMAS has made a mistake on your decision, Temporary Admission document (VTA) or a letter, for example incorrect CRV number, name, date of birth, address, etc. But, also if a mistake has been made in for example, your payment order such as incorrect amounts or type of product.


You disagree with a decision made by DIMAS. Then you can submit an objection. Submitting an objection means that you do not agree with the decision of the DIMAS and that you submit a substantiated written complaint with counter-arguments.

You can object to a positive or negative (negative) decision sent by DIMAS.
You do this by submitting an objection through the e-Helpdesk Objection option.


You can request a Re-entry through this e-helpdesk. You can apply for a Re-entry if your permit has expired, but you have already submitted your new application to DIMAS on time (3 months before your residence permit expires). A Re-entry is valid for two weeks.

Request Refund Deposit

You can request a refund of your deposit through this e-helpdesk. There can be several reasons why you want to request a refund of the deposit paid, such as:

  • You leave Aruba permanently
  • You have been naturalized
  • Your application has been rejected
  • The permit holder has died
  • You are legally admitted
  • You have been admitted for an indefinite period
  • Your application has been withdrawn
  • The applicant (you) will be removed (deported)

Request Restitution Fee

You can submit requests for a refund of your fees through the e-Helpdesk. There may be several reasons why you want to request a refund of the fees paid, such as:

  • Withdrawal of application
  • Application rejected
  • Too much or undue payment

Request Duplicates

You may need a duplicate of a document provided by DIMAS. You can request the document through the e-helpdesk Request Duplicate. First download this form, fill in your details and pay the fee of AWG 40,- at an MFA and then upload the form via our e-helpdesk Request Duplicates.