Living with your Partner

To obtain an permit for living with your partner you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Your partners has a Dutch nationality and is born on Aruba and prepared to sign as a guarantor for your application and;
  • You are engaged in a long-term exclusive relationship with your partner and;
  • You are both unmarried;
  • You are of a different gender than your partner;
  • You are living together on the same adress and are able to submit proof of this.

The permit for living with your partner is a permit that has to be renewed every year. The partner with the Dutch nationality who will sign as a guarantor has to receive an annual income which is equal to the Aruban CBS minimum wage norms.

What do I need?

  1.  A deed of registered partnership ( as customary in the European are of the Dutch kingdom or BES-islands) or a notarial deed of partnership made by a notary who is registered and working in Aruba..
  2. Private insurance for the duration of one year (EU and US citizens are exempted from this requirement.)