You want to apply as an athlete on Aruba. Here you can read what requirements you must meet in order to get a permit.


For both sports practitioners and sports coaches, you will need to meet certain terms and conditions:

  1. An agreement must be concluded between the sports organization and the sports coach.
  2. The sports organization is recognized and enrolled in Aruba;
  3. The sports organization is affiliated with the national federation for the pursuit of that particular sporting event;
  4. The sports organization is enrolled in the sports season for which you apply for a license and participates in the national league;

At the first application of the license, you are abroad.

For athletes there are still a number of specific conditions for the license:

  1. The license is valid for 1 year. Thereafter, the license may be renewed three 1-year periods.(maximum duration of stay is 4 years).
  2. The license is specific to the sports organization for which the permit has been issued. This means that you cannot change sports organization.
  3. The maximum age for the applicant for the license is 34 years. This means that at the time of submission of the first application you may not be older than 34 years.
  4. When you want to renew your license, you must submit a health certificate from an accredited physician. This is necessary so that you can prove that you can meet the purpose (the practice of the sport) for which you have been admitted to Aruba.
  5. The permit does not allow for family reunification.

Do you meet the above conditions? In the overview below, check whether you can apply for a permit.

What do I need?

  1. Legal documentation
  2. Agreement
  3. Proof of international transfer
  4. Form A
  5. Sports association status
  6. Registration of national championships
  7. Proof of participation in national championship
  8. Medical explanation

If with permission to work:

  1. Proof of registration KVK Aruba from employer
  2. Declaration by DPL
  3. Director’s license
  4. Settlement permit