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Temporary Admission to Aruba

A VTA is a temporary decision that gives the applicant the opportunity to come to Aruba to take the medical tests in order to complete the permit process for obtaining a residence and/or work permit. If the person requiring a permit comes from a country that requires a visa, he/she must have a valid visa in addition to the VTA to enter Aruba.

Important deadlines

After receiving the VTA by email, the permit applicant has 3 months to travel to Aruba. Upon arrival in Aruba, the applicant has a maximum of 30 days to report to the Department of Public Health to take the medical tests in order to complete the permit application process. Of course, this does not apply to clandestine entry! Persons who have entered Aruba clandestinely will in any case receive a negative decision.

The data on the VTA•

  • Details of the guarantor
  • Date of issue
  • Ministry
  • CRV no. of the applicant
  • Name of the applicant
  • Date of birth and country of birth of the applicant.

Are you required to have a visa?

If the applicant has a nationality requiring a visa, he/she must apply for a visa at the nearest embassy or consulate of the Dutch Kingdom after receiving the VTA.

If the applicant does not comply with the conditions

In the event that the applicant does not comply with the conditions, it will be assumed that he/she has lost interest in the permit process and his/her application will be cancelled, a possible expulsion is not excluded.

After the applicant has submitted the medical results to the infectious diseases department of the Department of Public Health, DIMAS will make the final decision. The applicant will receive the decision at the registered email address.