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Paid Employment

You want to apply for a residence permit to work for Aruba on a paid-up basis. This requires a labor market review.

You must apply for this labor market test at the DPL. After receiving a statement from DPL, you can apply to DIMAS for your residence permit application. DIMAS then tests your admission requirements.

There is no need for labor market testing for resident domestic staff. Do you want to apply for a residence permit to work as resident domestic staff on Aruba? Check out the terms here.

There are still more cases where you are entitled to exemption, and no labor market testing is required. Check yourself at DPL whether you are eligible for exemption.

Have you received the DPL’s statement? Then check out the following list of issues that you need to arrange to apply for your DIMAS residence permit.

Wat heb ik nodig

  1. Labor Contract
  2. Legal documentation
  3. Certificate of no objection
  4. Form A
  5. Employer’s declaration
  6. SVB Declaration Registration Employer
  7. SVB Statement Registration Employee
  8. KVK Statement Registration Company
  9. Driver’s license
  10. Settlement permit