Family reunification/family formation

We make a distinction between family reunification and family formation. Below we explain what this means.

Family reunification is the reunification of a family member who is legally resident in Aruba with one or more family members from his country of origin or other country. Among family members we mean: spouse/spouse / registered partnership and underage children (under 18 years). This means that the family relationship (marriage/birth) occurred before your partner/parent settled on Aruba.

Do you want to live with your spouse/ registered partner or father/mother in Aruba? Then read what conditions to comply with to apply for a residence permit.

Family formation involves forming a legally recognized family relationship on Aruba. This is because of the formation of a family relationship after your partner/parent settled on Aruba. This includes the following situations:
– Marriage / registered partnership:
between two residents of Aruba who are nationals of foreign nationality.
Birth: the Family relationship between a child of foreign nationality and his father or mother (of foreign nationality) born at birth in Aruba.
Adoption. Read more about the conditions for adoption on the Aruba Government website.
Do any of the above situations apply to you? Then read what the conditions are for applying for a residence permit based on family formation.

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